About the ISU Information Retrieval Group


The ISU information retrieval group is a transdisciplinary team of scientists working to develop approaches to understanding and extracting information from text. Such a goal requires a diverse set of skills including biological scientists, applied linguists, computation linguists, statistical scientists, and computation scientists. Each member of the team provides specific expertise to enable the research to move forward. The funding for the project is provided by the Presidential Initiative for Data Driven Science which funded the 3 year project titled “An interdisciplinary approach to developing technologies that speed-up the transformation of research from STEM disciplines to society”. That project continues to be our major focus, although several projects have grown from the original concept.  

Although not a traditional data driven science application, we consider that text (our focus is on scientific texts) is a huge and ever-growing area of big data. Our goal is to enable more rapid, accurate and cost efficient approaches to extracting that information, and enable policy makers or scientists to use their expertise on understanding, rather than the simple task of identification and extraction.